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Subterranean Biology Lab at University of Ljubljana continues a long tradition of speleobiology in Slovenia. This scientific disciplineemerged in 1832, with the first scientific description of a cave organism, the slenderneck beetle Leptodirus hochenwartii.


Most subterranean species are small range endemics, and thus challenging for ecological and evolutionary research, as well as conservation. In Slovenia the rich and diverse subterranean fauna is an invaluable part of the national natural heritage. Together with its unique habitat, it is worth exploring and protecting in its own right.

We believe in collaborative work!
Whether a researcher, a student or a passionate amateurt – please contact us!


“Cave organisms workshop” at the 9 th annual meeting of the EFOR network in Paris, 7. 05. 2019

20.05. 2019 We participated at the “Cave organisms workshop” held within the 9 th annual meeting of the EFOR network in…

Photo exhibition »Hidden life of the underground« moved to a library in Ljubljana

We have moved the photographic exhibition to the new location “Knjižnica Prežihov Voranc” in Ljubljana! The exhibition will be there from 8th…

Meeting at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, 12. 03. 2019

We met with our Hungarian colleagues Gábor Herzceg, Gergely Balázs, and Gergely Horváth to discuss and organize past and future…

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